Five Pro-Tips for Business Photography

Pro-Tip # 1 - Stock photos are overused.

Let's face it - stock photos are overused. If you are like most businesses, the imagery on your website or social media is not that different from your competitors in the same industry. Stock photos are often a cheap option for businesses. But, is that what you want your brand to convey - cheap? 

Start thinking about your Business Photography differently. Let your Business Photography be a critical element of your brand. In our increasingly digital work, businesses (now more than ever) need unique visuals to differentiate their brand from competitors in the same space.

Pro-Tip # 2 - Let your Business Photography tell your story.

Do you ever get asked - What exactly do you 'do?' or So what is it that your business does?

Your response to this question is essential (especially to our Professional Service Providers). Ensure that your Business Photography gives context to the work your business provides your customers and clients. Business Photography allows a visual frame of reference to bring life to the words you share!

Pro-Tip # 3 - Celebrate your client relationships.

Does your business take time to celebrate your clients and the relationships you have fostered within your network? 

Often clients love the change to be recognized and valued. Scheduling a joint photoshoot that includes your team members as well as clients serves as a win-win for your business & your client.

In addition to Professional Headshots, capturing client relationships through Business Photography adds to your brand story. Consider the positive impact of including professional photography (opposed to the easy & cheap option of stock photos) of client testimonials, case studies, and ebooks in your marketing & business development efforts. 

Pro-Tip # 4 - Upcoming Marketing Campaign

Businesses are expanding their offerings from primarily (or even only) on-site to including a greater virtual offering. This is a true sign of the 2020s. 

And, along with new and expanded offerings, businesses are investing in additional marketing campaigns. By leveraging Business Photography, your brand showcases your personality and identity. Again, in contrast to stock photography, Business Photography extends a spirit of transparency and shows an authentic representation of your team.

Pro-Tip # 5 - Showcase your team.

Schedule a photo shoot that features your team. Not only will your team feel valued, but you are showing your team that they are seen and celebrated. Businesses know that teams make or break their success. Make sure your team knows that they are critical to the business' success!

Pricing Guide for Business Photography

Terri Williams is based in Orlando, FL but travels to client locations

Business Photography Package

$2,700 - Exclusive Introductory Offer Limited Time Only (valued at $4,000)

Pre-Shoot Virtual Consultation with Professional Photographer & Marketing Consultant /  up to 60 minutes

Photo-Shoot with Professional Photographer & Marketing Consultant / up to 6 hours @ Shoot Location

Result / 12 Photos (includes 1 round of edits)

Access to Digital Photo Library for 3 Months

Access to Print Quality Photo Files


Access to Digital Photo Library for 12 months / $75

5 Additional Photos (includes 1 round of edits) / $400


Travel Fees for Locations Outside of Orlando

Additional Rounds of Edits / $100 per Round

Client responsible for any 3rd party charges related to shoot location including venue charges or parking fees

About Terri Williams (she/her/hers)

I'm based in Orlando and easily travel throughout Central Florida to take professional headshots and photographs for businesses. In addition to professional headshots, I specialize in Adventure Photography. When I'm not in Orlando, I am often traveling to amazing designations for private client shoots for brand owners and couples (LGBTQ+ friendly). I always have my gear ready to capture the scene!


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