Five Pro-Tips for Adventure Photography

Pro-Tip # 1 - Plan ahead for permitting.

Epic adventure photos don't simply appear! They happen because of planning, proper logistics, and a professional photographer. Most National, State, County, and City parks require permits for photography shoots (not just weddings!). Even if you don't need a permit for the shoot, you may still need to purchase a park pass or a parking permit. It's always best to carry some cash (for traditional systems) as well as a credit card (for electronic systems) for when unplanned circumstances arise.

Pro-Tip # 2 - Check the charts.

There are a lot of charts when it comes to nature - whether it's tide charts, sunrise charts, sunset charts for instance. Depending on what you'd like in the adventure photos, your photographer will reference the proper charts! 

When it comes to sunset photos, timing is everything. To capture the best lighting, make sure you are at the 'spot' at least 1.5 hours before sunset. This will give you plenty of time to possibly 

> rest after your trek to the scene, 

> touch up your make up, 

> change out of your hiking gear and into your photo outfit, 

> take a few test shots, and 

> discuss angles and poses with your photographer.

Pro-Tip # 3 - Bring lots of water. 

If you are trekking out to a scene, it is critical to bring water. Even if you are just hiking half a mile, it can be tiring and you will want some water during your photo shoot. Plus, anything can happen on the trail in nature - be prepared!

Pro-Tip # 4 - Pack a pack! 

Along with water, think about other essentials important to the trek and to your shoot! 

> For the trek, consider a flashlight, bug spray, and hiking snacks. 

> For your shoot, consider bringing extra makeup (we recommend with SPF), a hairbrush or comb, a small compact mirror, any additional clothing, accessories, or shoes you'll need for the pictures!

Keep in mind on the trek out, you will want to wear sturdy shoes and clothes that are comfortable.

Pro-Tip # 5 - Your outfit really does matter.

Plan your outfit to match your epic scene. Will there be a lot of green forrest surrounding you? Try complimentary colors like red shades or blue shades. If your background will have a mountain range with a sunset, try to wear shades or red, purple, blues, or greens. Your photographer will go over your wardrobe and make sure that you feel confident! The biggest tip on clothing is that you should always feel comfortable and confident.

Pricing Guide for Adventure Photography

Terri Williams travels internationally to destinations for clients

Adventure Photography Package

$2,000 - Exclusive Introductory Offer

Pre-Shoot Virtual Consultation /  up to 60 minutes

Logistical Prep for Shoot

Photo-Shoot / up to 3 hours @ Shoot Location

Result / 20 Photos (includes 1 round of edits)

Access to Digital Photo Library for 3 Months

Access to Print Quality Photo Files


Access to Digital Photo Library for 12 months / $75

5 Additional Photos (includes 1 round of edits) / $400


Travel Fees for Locations Outside of Orlando

Additional Rounds of Edits / $100 per Round

Client responsible for any 3rd party charges related to shoot location including venue charges or parking fees

About Terri Williams (she/her/hers)

I'm based in Orlando and easily travel throughout Central Florida to take professional headshots and photographs for businesses. In addition to professional headshots, I specialize in Adventure Photography. When I'm not in Orlando, I am often traveling to amazing designations for private client shoots for brand owners and couples (LGBTQ+ friendly). I always have my gear ready to capture the scene!


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