Five Pro-Tips to Make Your Professional Headshots Pop

Pro-Tip # 1 - Clothings Matters.

Make sure your clothing is not a distraction. The last thing you want is professional headshots that hurt (not help) your professional persona. 

Wear solid colors - and make sure the colors you wear compliment your skin tone. If you must wear a pattern, make sure the pattern is small & don't mix patterns. In professional headshots, you want to be the star of the photo. 

And please, make sure your clothes fit. If your clothing is too tight or too loose (like, your jacket for instance), don't wear it. Pick something else to wear or go shopping to buy something that fits today (not something that fit a year ago).

Pro-Tip # 2 - Be Strategic About Accessories.

Do you wear accessories - anything from a watch or necklace or earrings? In your headshot itself, limit the accessories you wear in a photo to only 1 or 2 pieces. 

Feel free to bring several accessories to the photoshoot! You can easily change up your look with statement pieces.

Pro-Tip # 3 - Outdoor Settings Set You Apart.

Most professional headshots look the same. You've seen them - a standard blue, beige, or black background. Boring! Why not take advantage of the creative backgrounds? Think of a nature scene, local spot or city scape to serve as your backdrop. 

Bonus Pro-Tip: If you are a fan of outdoor photos like I am, schedule your photoshoot during sunset. By shooting at sunset, we capture you in the warm natural light of golden hour.

Pro-Tip # 4 - Your Confidence Is the Priority.

For professional headshots, your confidence is the priority. Make sure you are 100% comfortable with your clothing, shoot location, and photographer. 

Don't spend money on a new outfit you can't comfortably wear. Don't select a location that you don't love. Don't chose a photographer you don't connect with easily. 

Be comfortable so that you are confident. Your confidence is a priority in your professional headshots.

Pro-Tip # 5 - Experience & Equipment

Going the 'cheap route' may work for some areas of life - but not for headshots. The saying 'you get what you pay for' is all too real in the photography world. Your headshots personify who you are as a professional. Hire a professional photographer. 

A professional photographer has the experience to know the best angles, lighting, and skills for headshots. And, a professional photographer has the equipment. Keep in mind a professional photographer invests thousands (not hundreds) into equipment to capture your photos.

Pricing Guide for Professional Headshots

Terri Williams offers Professional Headshot Shoots in the Orlando Area

Professional Headshot Package

$400 - Introductory Offer (valued at $950)

Pre-Shoot Virtual Consultation /  up to 60 minutes

Photo-Shoot / up to 3 hours @ multiple locations

Result / 5 Photos (includes 1 round of edits)

Access to Digital Photo Library for 3 Months

Access to Print Quality Photo Files


Access to Digital Photo Library for 12 months / $75

3 Additional Photos (includes 1 round of edits) / $200


Additional Rounds of Edits / $100 per Round

Travel Charge / $30 for Every 10 Miles Outside of Orlando

Client responsible for any 3rd party charges related to shoot location including venue charges or parking fees

About Terri Williams (she/her/hers)

I'm based in Orlando and easily travel throughout Central Florida to take professional headshots and photographs for businesses. In addition to professional headshots, I specialize in Adventure Photography. When I'm not in Orlando, I am often traveling to amazing designations for private client shoots for brand owners and couples (LGBTQ+ friendly). I always have my gear ready to capture the scene!


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